LANTERN as an awareness tool

Lantern is an innovative technology that supports the teacher by providing information about the students’ progress in the problem solving session (also called exercise session, tutoring session, or recitation).

During the session, Lantern displays the work status of the students: the exercise on which they are working, whether they need help, and where the help is needed. 

By making this information visible, Lantern empowers the teachers in managing their course, without imposing any change in how the course is performed. 


Lantern is designed to be used in classrooms, when the students are working on an exercise set, individually or in small teams, and the teacher and/or tutors are present to help them.

Computer workshops in higher education can embody Lantern in its natural environment.

Recitation sections in university teaching.

High schools that promote "Learning by Practicing" can benefit from the support of Lantern.


Every student or team of students has a Lantern on their table that shows their current status:

  • The color of the Lantern specifies the exercise that the team/individual is currently working on.
  • The students can turn the Lantern to choose an exercise.
  • The intensity of light increases with time, showing how much time  already spent on that exercise.
  • To call for help, instead of raising their hand, students press on the lamp, so that it begins blinking slowly.
  • The longer the team is waiting, the higher the rate of blinking.